Artworks Posters Cards

This section contains drawings that were used in printing: illustrations, posters, covers, cards. Each case required a separate approach. The picture has to look not only aesthetically, but also correspond to the context. I adhere to the principle that for the printing design it is worth to emphasize the constrast: brighter in colors and risky composition. The subtle solutions after printing process maybe a little adjusted and the result is not always as was expected.


Magazine “370” is about culture events and creative people in our country Lithuania. My digital drawing is used as a cover artwork. Also there is an interview with me, where I told about my life and artistic path. My artworks are also presented.


The set of my drawings as cards for the gallery “April gallery”. Since 2018 I am the artist of this gallery.


Posters are my big passion. I use kind of mix approach, decorative and painting techniques. I emphasize accents, especially bright vivid colors and flat bold abstract shapes and lines. In every poster I want to catch a certain philosophical or aesthetic meaning.

Magazine Covers

Covers for magazine “Kaunas pilnas kulturos”. This magazine’s logo is very bright, by itself. An interesting task was to include the logo in the composition as a separate independent detail. The whole composition changed with it. It was interesting to see a finished artwork in a new version.