Fight for Life

Task: to create a logo for a brand of boxing gym.

Fight for Life is a boxing lifestyle brand, reflecting a true fighting experience with real community to improve and get in best physical and mental strength. In addition Fight for Life provides equipment including boxing gloves, helmets, body armour. A sign-based logo was inspired by the meaning of the brand name and the aesthetics of combat sports.

Challenge for me was to create a sign that convey simultaneously the dynamism and statism. A new Fight for Life symbol should capture the energy and movement while also creating a strong geometric construction as a sign-based logo. The sign should form the basis of the graphic system and be easily applied to the entire brand.

Fight for Life logo begins with the curves of the heart (life), and organically follows the letter F, creating a strong and motivating victory sign. The dynamic lines keep the rhythm going, just like the opponents in the ring.

The geometric graphic language which runs throughout the brand reflects the brand principles in a highly distinctive and effective way. New brand identity takes Fight for Life to a global fitness community which will appeal to anyone involved in the boxing and fitness industry.

New logo works very well for any medium, such as on a website, brochure, business card, as well as on boxing equipment, branded clothing, ‘etc. It was important the typography remained neutral enough to work across all applications and had a professional and authoritative tone. Paired with inspired photography it communicates the stories and motivations behind the brand.