Logos bombard us: labels on clothes, running shoes, media and computers. From the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep, they are part of our daily lives. Every company on the planet needs a logo to represent its business. It’s not just the mark, it is the marketing. There must be a clear understanding of the concept or motive for the logo, along with the company or organization’s brand and values. My job as a graphic designer is to find the story, and tell it wisely. It’s kind of like putting a face to a name. Logos help people remember their experiences with companies. The same visual identity seen time and again builds trust, and trust keeps customers coming back for more.

My three design principals when creating a logo for the client:

  • It should be simple. I need to consider all of the places it might be used, such as on a website, brochure, business card and sign. As a general rule, simple designs work well for any medium.
  • It should be telegraphic, instantly memorable and communicate a message.
  • I try to combine words and pictures. A good logo includes a symbol, or icon, as well as words, such as a business name. I play with both to create a variety of mock-ups. In some instances, it is better to use just the words, while in others the icon can stand on its own.